Friday, September 21, 2012

[Personal Style] I Can't Believe That It's Officially Been ONE Year...

One year ago today I was back in my hometown of West Valley City, Utah sitting around my parents dining room table as my sister and mother were finishing the final touches to the decor for Jesus and I's wedding rehearsal dinner happening later on that Friday evening.

I still fondly look back and remember that in that moment all I could think about was how quickly the year of wedding planning and preparation had flown by.  I smiled when I thought back to the very intimate and special way that Jesus got down on one knee and asked me the touching and heartfelt words of, "Will you marry me?".  How I could hear the quiet tears of joy my father shed over the phone when I called to tell him and my mother that I had accepted Jesus' proposal,  and to learn that he shed the same tears when Jesus had called him a few weeks earlier asking for his blessing.

All the pre-wedding milestone memories came flooding back: My Tongan-American engagement party, my beautiful bridal shower, having my "Say Yes To The Dress" moment, etc.  These memories led up to that moment and all I could do right then and there was take a deep breath  and try to remember to treasure every single minute.  Starting with that Friday night's rehearsal dinner all the way through to Sunday's send-off brunch it was a whirlwind of laughs, tears, cheers, and most importantly love.  That weekend I said "Yes" to my best friend, my +1 to the roller coaster rides at Great America, my double in a game of bags, and most importantly my second half to share in the journey that is life.

This first  year has been a whirlwind filled with momentous joys and great lessons learned.  Reaching this great milestone in our relationship reaffirms so much to me that I am definitely one of the lucky ones.  Thank you so much to my amazing husband for helping to inspire me to enjoy life, become more adventurous, to smile and laugh more, and more importantly to enjoy life for life.  I can not thank you enough for all of your unending love and support.  I love you muchos & Happy Anniversary! xoxo

Rehearsal Dinner on Friday

Wedding Day on Saturday

Send-off Brunch on Sunday


  1. You were a beautiful bride! Love your pics and Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words! xo

  2. Congrats to my favorite couple/best friends! Love you guys and hope that you both have a magical weekend :D

    1. Thank you!! I was so happy that you were able to not only be there but play a big part in our wedding weekend then and now. Love you muchos!! xoxo