Monday, May 20, 2013

CSM has a new home!

CSM is all grown up and even has a new grown and sexy makeover to match!  Follow the new link to check out the new digs and make yourself at home!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Makeovers!

First and foremost I want to apologize to my CSM community and readers for not being my regular self by staying up to date with fashion and style tips, inspiration and happenings in and around the industry with regular blog posts.

As I've alluded too in a number of previous posts CSM is going through a major spring makeover.  With any makeover it's taken time to perfect the right look that fully embodies my signature style of Edgy, Comfy, Chic.  The final touches are coming along nicely but in true CSM fashion it all started with inspiration from a new pair of shoes.

So please don't feel like I've abandoned any of you, I'm still here and can't wait to share with you all the big reveal!  So in homage to spring makeovers, start your own personal spring overhaul by introducing these beautiful babies into your shoe closet: 'Justine' Boutique 9 pointed pumps!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrating Punk Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

The spring 2013 exhibition organized by The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art will be PUNK: Chaos to Couture.  The exhibition will be open to view starting May 9th through August 14th and takes a deep dive into examining punk's impact on high fashion from the movement's birth in the 1970's through it's continuing and prevalent influence today.

One concept that I'm ridiculously excited to see explored and portrayed is punk's enduring contribution to high fashion via do-it-yourself or known best as DIY.  The four galleries of DIY are Hardware, Bricolage, Graffiti & Agritpop and Destroy.  With the renowned Met Gala being held tonight, May 6th  I'm looking forward to seeing what attendees will be wearing.  This year's theme of PUNK: Chaos to Couture, mean the ensemble possibilities are endless.  I'm expecting to see alot of Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons, Gareth Pugh, Martin Marigela and Vivienne Westwood on the red carpet.

Check out some of the looks that epitomize Punk Fashion by the pages of Vogue Magazine:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Temps mean Print is a Must!

With temps in Chicago reaching 80+ degrees it's definitely safe to say that we are finally in the Spring season and knocking on the door of Summer.  With warmer temps all I can think about are prints.  But not just mixing of prints, I've been drawn to the incredible statement one unified all over print ensemble makes.

Perusing my usual street style sites I immediately stopped in my tracks when I came across Phil Oh's picture of Christine Centenera at Australia Fashion Week in Sydney.  This strong print by Josh Goot is absolutely stunning, but the impact and the power of the print is just so much more incredible with Chrisitne pairing the matching top and bottom.  Needless to say, the age old adage  that you don't want to be 'matchy-matchy' is totally wrong in this case.

Photographed by Phil Oh for Vogue 

Love this look? Check out how you can get a head to toe singular print look for less with the following:

Products featured above: Top/Pant/Shoes/Cuff/Bag