Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Mad Hatter!

Like the rest of the world I was up bright and early eagerly awaiting the showing of Kate's choice of gown.  While waiting in anticipation of whether Kate's dress would be big and flamboyant (similar to Princess Diana's) or undertated and demure (similar to Grace Kelly's), the attendees to the Royal Wedding kept us very much in awe showcasing their dapper and trendsetting styles and fashion.  The key accessory of the day was a Hat or Fascinator. Why can't Americans adopt and embrace wearing a fabulous Hat or Fascinator?  Yves Saint Laurent said it best, "Fashion is a kind of communication.  It's a language without words.  A great hat speaks for itself".  I don't care what anyone else says, but these fabulous beauties hit a great note with these jaw-dropping headpieces!  I heart you Princess Beatrice and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson for your daring and fabulous sense of style.  Now, let's all take a lesson from this and embrace these fabulous accessory pieces.  I'm going to wear a fab Hat out with the girls tonight, look for me struttin' in Wicker Park!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chic Robot Geishas + Feathers= Spring 2011

Maybe it's because I just finished watching the "Last Samurai" (I don't care what anyone says it's an awesome movie) but I couldn't help but be re-captivated by the beauty of Japanese culture.  The ode and style of the Harajuku Movement is so 2 years ago.  What Givenchy did with their 2011 collection is not only a homage to the old with an innovative and fun play on the new.  I call it the homage to the "Robotic Japanese Geisha"!  This collection is the epitome of Spring with the playful use of feathers (which if you aren't hip to this, get on it) but when you add clean structural pleats and folds with a bad ass headpiece it's definitely the bar to set.  I'm at this moment trying to get my hands on the yellow Robotic Samurai Headpiece-cross your fingers I find this headpiece!