Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edgy Cut-Outs... for your Feet!

Today's warm 70+ degree temps have thinking ahead to spring.  I know, I know it's too pre-mature because they will eventually drop but it's too late.  Once you hop on the shoe-gazing train it's ridiculously hard to get off and especially when one big trend kept popping up: Edgy Cut-Outs.

Sprinkled all over the Spring 2013 runways were various versions of an edgy cut-out.  Check out my favorites  from the runways pictured below:

Alexander Wang


Jimmy Choo

Proenza Schouler

Salvatore Ferragamo

Tom Ford


Monday, October 22, 2012

Beat the Rain in Style!

There are those rare beautiful souls out there who embrace and love the opportunity to dance in the rain every time mother nature turns on the sprinklers.  I am not one of those people.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of the amazing things that the water does for our environment, etc.  But for some reason once I see a droplet a big wave of disappointment covers my face because of the kink it's thrown in my ensemble planning for the day.  The only appropriate weather proof ensemble is something that is vinyl or plastic-y and none of those fabrications exist in my clothing wardrobe.

So to battle the rainy day blues I do what any other gal in her fashionable right mind would do: accessorize!  Accessorizing not only will help weather proof you but will you also be doing it in style.  These four rain boots aren't your ordinary rain boots, because who wants to be ordinary?

Check out my suggestions below and who knows maybe they'll make you want to dance in the rain after all:

RED Valentino Bow Rain Boots

Kate Spade 'Parsipany' Short Rain Boots

Dav Rain 'Ashley Nylon' Rain Boots

Cole Haan 'Evan' Ankle Rain Boots

Friday, October 19, 2012

[Chicago Fashion Event] Fashion Focus Chicago: Maison De LaCour's Spring 2013 Collection!

This past Tuesday, Julius LaCour Jr. presented Maison De LaCour's Spring 2013 Collection as a part of Fashion Focus Chicago at the historic Murphy Auditorium.  Having only been exposed to a few of Julius' pieces and not being too familiar with his work I was very excited to see a full collection.  Once the first procession of models entered and sat lined up across the stage in Medieval-Renaissance style chairs the tone for the show was set and I was captivated.

The palette of the first collection were of monochromatic blacks, whites, greys and beige.  This palette allowed the zippers, buckles, and other trim details coupled with the strong lines and architectural shapes of the silhouettes tell the story of "The Immaculate One".  Each piece seemed to have a universal and transitional approach to the clothing that blurred the lines of definitive "menswear" or "womenswear".  It's absolutely no shocker to anyone that I have a love affair for the genius of Rad Hourani, so to be immediately reminded of his unisex pieces while watching Julius' presentation is a definite compliment.

Transitioning from the first collection his second collection filled with a color explosion as the palette, it was a definite stark contrast to his first.  Yet through the details of the print and silhouettes you were pulled back into a sense of familiarity.

Kudos to the great team who pulled off one of the best Chicago fashion presentations I've had the opportunity to witness: Richard Sebastian of Luxury Management  & Yana German of Yana German School of Walk.

Check out my favorite looks from Maison De LaCour's Spring 2013 Collection:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

W Magazine's 40th Anniversary = 4 Covers!

Congratulations & Besos to W Magazine on achieving 40 years of setting the standard & for continuously pushing the boundaries by playing by your own rules.  What better way to usher in their 40th anniversary than recruit 4 of fashion's favorite Hollywood faces to cover their November issue.

The unique creative direction of each of the 4 covers highlighting a specific fashion era of focus for each was the perfect tone to showcase the great impact of history that this magazine has documented.  Initially it was difficult for me to decide which cover was my overall favorite because how can you not love the perfect bob and styling perfection of Rooney Mara? But for some reason I just could not get passed the fact that there is just something that is off about her make-up.  Keira Knightley looked very polished and the acid blonde hair-do was very invoking, but again more could have been done with her make-up (and yes I'm no beauty expert and don't tout to be but it just doesn't look that flattering).

Based on my style mantra of Edgy, Comfy, Chic you would automatically assume that Scarlett Johansson's nod to the 1990's grunge era would be my natural favorite, but again the styling is on point but the hair and make-up give her a more vampy look and that is something I just can't get behind.   The best of the bunch for me was Mia Wasikowska's ode to the club kid of the 1980's.  Orange hair, technicolor make-up, and that Balenciaga print all cohesively sync so well together.

*Photo Credit: Steven Klein

1970's: Rooney Mara wearing Prada

1980's: Mia Wasikowska wearing Balenciaga

1990's: Scarlett Johansson wearing Dolce & Gabbana

2000's: Keira Knightley wearing Chanel

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[PFW] Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 Collection!

Sarah Burton's 'Everything Bees' Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 collection  showcased such a beautiful story that it was remniscent of her predecessor's she took the opportunity to use the fashion show as a platform to record a declaration of purpose.

Burton's entire collection was coherently beautiful and weaved a stunning tale full of extremely exaggerated female silhouettes derived from pinups of Alberto Vargas "Celebratory", honeycomb motifs, harnesses of tortise shells remniscent of sweet toffee and big extravaganza skirts & gowns that were designed to galavanize bees from here to eternity.

Cinched waist belts, intricate harnesses, opulent hats, ornate collar chokers, are just a few of the major accessories that Burton has highlighed and stamped as Spring 2013's defining pieces.  I fell head over heels her entire collection but this look just oozes the sweet and sultry tale that she presented at Paris Fashion Week.

*Photo Credit: Monica Feudi/


Be fashion foward and get ahead of the pack by incorporating these honeycomb inspired pieces now into your wardrobe! See if any of these are buzz-worthy for you:

Friday, October 5, 2012

[Personal Style] Leather + Sequins!

Trends can be a very tricky thing to incorporate into your wardrobe especially if done in excess.  For this fall season two key trends that immediately come to mind that fit into this category are leather and sequins.  If styled or worn incorrectly you run the risk of being a contender on a worst dressed list, but if styled properly you will immediately channel edgy, effortless, chic.

My trick to incorporating trends is through classic silhouettes.  So for this look I decided to incorporate both trends into one styled outfit that will allow both of them to play off of one another rather than make one trend the focal point.  The trench coat is a modern update with the leather paneling and the pencil skirt silhouette is given a pop with the gold sequins.  My final touches were a beaded collar necklace and polished up-do that compliment the overall ensemble.

Love my look? Re-create it with my following suggestions:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[LFW] Get Inspired by Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 Collection!

When Mary Katrantzou debuted her very first Ready-to-Wear collection at London Fashion Week in Spring/Summer 2009 she catapulted the bar sky-high on the role and purpose of fashion prints.  As if the bar wasn't set high enough she managed to supersede her previous mark while at the same time re-define the current direction of fashion prints.

Her Spring 2013 collection was all about the whimsy and fantasy behind postage stamps and foreign currency.  These two prints evoke the fantasy of travel and exploration of exotic locations and connecting with other cultures.

*Photo Credit: Marcus Tondo/

Want to incorporate this new print direction now? Check out my following suggestions:

Items Shown Above: