Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy
This blog is a personal one, written and edited by me. Most of the photos are taken by myself and where I have used other images, a link or credit will normally be given.  All photos are only used for commenting reasons and no photos are used for commercial reasons unless specified. If I have used one of your photos, and you would like me to take it down, please email me at afonua11@gmail.com. All opinions are my own and I only mention products that I actually do like and use. I will disclose which products I received for editorial consideration at the bottom of the post.

My site collects personal information when you post a comment or enter a giveaway or contest. That information may include: Name or alias, email address, IP address, and in the case of contest winners, mailing address. But I will not disclose this information.

Leave them, please! I love receiving comments, but not ones that are rude, spam, or advertising some random clothing site– I will delete them.  

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