Friday, October 19, 2012

[Chicago Fashion Event] Fashion Focus Chicago: Maison De LaCour's Spring 2013 Collection!

This past Tuesday, Julius LaCour Jr. presented Maison De LaCour's Spring 2013 Collection as a part of Fashion Focus Chicago at the historic Murphy Auditorium.  Having only been exposed to a few of Julius' pieces and not being too familiar with his work I was very excited to see a full collection.  Once the first procession of models entered and sat lined up across the stage in Medieval-Renaissance style chairs the tone for the show was set and I was captivated.

The palette of the first collection were of monochromatic blacks, whites, greys and beige.  This palette allowed the zippers, buckles, and other trim details coupled with the strong lines and architectural shapes of the silhouettes tell the story of "The Immaculate One".  Each piece seemed to have a universal and transitional approach to the clothing that blurred the lines of definitive "menswear" or "womenswear".  It's absolutely no shocker to anyone that I have a love affair for the genius of Rad Hourani, so to be immediately reminded of his unisex pieces while watching Julius' presentation is a definite compliment.

Transitioning from the first collection his second collection filled with a color explosion as the palette, it was a definite stark contrast to his first.  Yet through the details of the print and silhouettes you were pulled back into a sense of familiarity.

Kudos to the great team who pulled off one of the best Chicago fashion presentations I've had the opportunity to witness: Richard Sebastian of Luxury Management  & Yana German of Yana German School of Walk.

Check out my favorite looks from Maison De LaCour's Spring 2013 Collection:

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