Thursday, September 6, 2012

[NYFW] Day 1: Monika Chiang's Spring 2013 Collection!

Last fall I was was perusing the net as apart of my daily routine: seeking style and fashion inspiration.  After all of my usual online publications and favorite blogs I hopped on twitter and seen a retweet from New York fashion designer, Monika Chiang.  The tweet was of her Athena Gold Cuff Platform Sandal.  This is going to sound crazy, but this shoe from Monika's summer 2012 collection seriously spoke to me.  As a huge fan of metal accessories due to their edgy and chic qualities, this shoe epitomized that to a 'T'.  Naturally my next stop was her website and this first visit sealed Monika's spot as one of my top designers because of she spoke the language my natural style aesthetic's 3C's (comfy, edgy, chic) so effortlessly and with ease.

Monika herself describes her approach to her collections as, "deep sensuality and confidence exist alongside a subtle vulnerability, the softness of feathers set against steely metal studs, bursts of rich pigment mingled with soft earth tones and tough black leather paired with sensual sheer knits".  Her Spring 2013 collection that she showed at New York Fashion Week today at Lincoln Center were full of contrasting extremes that with her signature touch come together in perfect harmony.  Bright jewel tones paired with a neutral color palette, statement-making prints reigned in with  tough leathers, and edgy accessories paired with chic silhouettes.

Check out my favorite looks from Monika Chiang's Spring 2013 Collection:

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