Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Chicago Dining] Fashionable Brunching at Nellcote!

Sundays in Chicago are synonymous for one thing: Brunching!  In a city known for it's eclectic food it only makes sense that a meal time is given the adjective of action and therefore qualifying it as an actual event.

Personally I'm hoping that one day it will become an Olympic sport, but until then I guess all we can do is continue to practice until we are experts.  After all doesn't the saying go "Practice makes Perfect".  So, for this Sunday's brunching edition we ventured over to Nellcote in Chicago's West Loop.

Why Nellcote?  Easy, all of the reviews and press surrounding this establishment's authentic locavore experience that is defined by humble dishes that focus on simple yet approachable dining.  To compliment the  stellar menu the setting is just to die.  Ornate luxury was the apparent design concept with its Italian marble stairs, extravagant woodwork, crystal chandeliers, etc.

One charming quality I immediately fell in love with was that with all of the opulence in decor and rich foods, Nellcote has personality.  Being that Chicago is a major sports city (probably a total understatement) it was really refreshing for my husband and other fellow football fans to see that they were able to dine in luxury while at the same time not miss a minute of Sunday NFL football.

Needless to say today's brunching pick was a total touchdown (I know, I know total cliche).  Enjoy my pictures from today's #FashionBrunch:

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All of my comments and this review are completely my own opinion and no one else.

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