Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Pasifika Fashion Series] Kapiliola Fonua, New Zealand's next big talent!

Kapiliola Fonua is a young design student with a bright fashion design future ahead of him.  Of Tongan descent he moved to New Zealand from his native island of Tonga and drew inspiration from his early childhood there for this stunning piece.  Last week this beautiful piece he created was the overall winner of New Zealand Fashion Week's 'Remake Challenge'.

When I first initially seen his winning piece I was immediately floored by the intricate flower detailing of the bodice and the waterfall of petals of the hem.  The first image that jumped into my head was Azzedine Alaia's   Fall 2011 collection that was full of laser cut-outs and floor length waterfall ruffles.

Then I learned the dress was constructed of Kleenex Cottonelle tissues!?! The perplexing notion that he was able to create such refined and intricate detailing for the bodice and those cascading petals caused me to experience two things: 1. Complete and utter elation for the future of the art of fashion 2. Longing and want for more of this brilliant young man's talent.

Until young Kapi graduates I guess we all will just have to suffice with the opportunity to purchase his beautiful design (here) and eagerly wait in anticipation for the launch of his womenswear line.

*Photo Credit: trade me
Photos of Kapi's dress:

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