Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Chicago Fashion Event] Lady Foot Locker's Fashionably Fit!

Sleek countertops, vibrant assortment of apparel, and the latest trends in footwear, no I am not describing Barney's but I am talking about Lady Foot Locker. Now, you may be confused why you are reading a blog post on Lady Foot Locker on a fashion blog. Well, it’s simple...if you look good you will feel good. Who has gone to the gym in dingy shirts and sweats ready to burn calories only to realize you look terrible? (raises hand shyly). Just like finding the right pair of pumps can change your attitude on life, so can the right pair of Nikes!

Kirta Carroll, Brand Marketing Director for Lady Foot Locker, described the changes that LFL is going through to bring the science of sports and combining with fashionably conscious women. To kick off the rebranding LFL hosted a series of events this past weekend to highlight their awesomeness! On Friday LFL teamed up with Fly Wheel Chicago and hosted a 45 minute ass kicking spin class. The Fly Wheel Chicago studio is gorgeous itself. The entire ambience of the studio puts you in the mindset of “I’m here to do work, push myself and achieve greatness". The instructor had put together the greatest playlist to motivate you to keep moving! There were a lot of runs, sprints, climbs and weight lifting! I think LFL teaming up with Fly Wheel Chicago was a great partnership and I will definitely be checking Fly Wheel again!

On Saturday I got a chance to sit down with the fabulous Adrienne Bailon, of Style Network's ‘Empire Girls. Talking with Adrienne reminded of talking to an old friend that I’ve known for years. Her confidence and kind heart was very welcoming and made it easy to talk to her.  Here’s what this stunning beauty had to say about her involvement with Lady Foot Locker:

CSM: What was it like partnering with LFL?
AB: I loved all the great workout clothes and a hot pair of Asics running shoes. Statistically if you look good working out it will lead you to feel good as well!

CSM: What is your favorite piece of workout clothes?
AB: I’m a huge fan of the classic Adidas track suit. I love the versatility of the outfit. It could be worn working out or running errands!

CSM: What’s your favorite playlist while working out?
AB: Running with the Holy Spirit in you! I’m a huge fan of powerful gospel music while working out.  It’s uplifting nature of the songs and how it really keeps me going on the treadmill!

CSM: What’s some advice you have for young girls?
AB: Love your body! Growing up I was always skinny and tried really hard to have curves but I had to set realistic expectations for myself. Now, I’ve turned my focus on getting washboard abs with the help of my favorite workout which is kickboxing, and I eat a raw food diet!

CSM: What’s your last piece of advice for all of CSM’s readers?
AB: Your body is your temple! I believe that we all have been given a gift with our bodies and that we should always strive to preserve it and keep it healthy! Treat your body with respect and reap the benefits!

A big ‘Thank You’ to the fabulous women over at Lady FootLocker & Fly Wheel Chicago for hosting such a fun and fashionable event.  Everyone seriously needs to head over to Lady Foot Locker and check out their beautifully redesigned stores. Trust me, just walking in will get you motivated to work-out and so will a cute pair of their yoga pants!

--Written by Fashion Contributor, Alexandra Evangelou (Follow on Twitter @AlexandraMariaE)


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