Thursday, August 9, 2012

Battle of the September Covers!

Lady Gaga tweeted a sneak peek of her US Vogue cover last night to her 28 million followers with the following caption:

"SHH DONT TELL TWITTER/SEPT ISSUE OF VOGUE MAGAZINE/ Sorry Anna but the underground kids deserve it. bisous!"

So now here's my dilemma, while I love that it's Lady Gaga and she is totally wearing that Marc Jacobs gown I am a little bit underwhelmed because I would have expected so much more from this cover.  The background is non-existent and does nothing in providing a comparable pairing when matched with Lady Gaga's electrifying personality.

So I'm going to let you decide which cover you think is the best between my pre-chosen winner, Daphne Groenveld on the cover of WSJ in my other post (here) versus mother monster, Lady Gaga on the cover of US Vogue:

US VOGUE: Lady Gaga

WSJ: Daphne Groenveld

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