Monday, April 23, 2012

Tie-Dye: Denim's New Big Trend

Elle Macpherson & Olivia Palermo are just a few of the handful of starlets who have been reviving the long associated "hippie" pattern of Tie-Dye.  While this denim trend is still under the radar, I was a bit surprised that with the recent music festival Coachella there wasn't an explosion of tie-dye.

I am definitely a fan of how Olivia P has incorporated this trend.  Since it is a pattern that has a deep historical association with a fashion movement, you can separate yourself from this pattern's past by pairing it with polished neutral separates such as a structured jacket, collared blouse and definitely a simple heel.

Want to be ahead of the fashion pack? Try out one of these tie-dye chic pairs:

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  1. LOVE Olivia Palermo's pants. I wish I could pick up on this trend but I have stubby legs. =[