Monday, April 16, 2012

Pajamas: Fashion Forward or Lazy?

Alexa Chung in JW Alexander pajama bottoms at LFW
 Looks like the trend which has replaced the traditional suit for Spring, appears to be reving up because celebs and fashionistas alike are loving the easy just-got-out-of-bed look which pays homage to Hugh Hefner's signature look.

Mind you, not everyone can pull off the "I'm too cool for clothes that's why I lounge around everyday in my pajamas" look like Hugh.  So, the key to pulling of this trend and not appearing like you're out sleepwalking while out at dinner, a red carpet event or even the streets of Chicago, New York or Paris, is to wear the PJs with heels.  Also, you could incorporate the trend while still not seeming too overwhelming by pairing the pajama bottom with a blazer (similar to Alexa Chung-pictured above) or vice versa and pairing the pajama top with a pair of colored denim skinnies.

Want to sprinkle this trend into your current Spring wardrobe? Check out my suggestions below:

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  1. So funny you write this...I was just at Dose Market yesterday and a vendor was selling "wearable lounge wear" just like above. All the pieces were gorgeous and could be worn to bed or out on the town. The owner later admitted she had worn pieces from bed the previous nigh to work without changing. Are we exchanging the 9-5 for the 5-9? So interesting.