Thursday, April 19, 2012

[Style Review] My 2 Obessions have collided! Bow-ties & Collars

This Rocker Chic bow-tie was the inspiration for my custom piece

Last Fall I became obessed with chokers, collars & bow-ties.  I'd scoured the net and shops for unique and statement making pieces.  I'd found a few great pieces in very eclectic showcases or markets and even snagged a few amazing pieces on my visit to Hong Kong this past January. 

After acquiring quite a few pieces that I absolutely loved and adored individually, I couldn't help but wish that there was a way for me to infuse alot of these pieces together i.e. pair one of my collars with one of my bow-ties or chokers.  Many who know me are quite familar with my love and obession of fashion accessories.  I'm all about a killer accessory, because that's what tells my style and outfit story.  So naturally, trying to combine all these pieces to create the ultimate fashion accessory statement is no surprise.

Searching everywhere for the perfect combination piece that infused my current obsessions proved to be more difficult of a task than I had initially anticipated.  Just as I had started to lose hope, an up and coming Chicago designer came to my rescue! Arianna Green, of ASSATA Designs, answered my twitter request/plea asking the Chicago fashion community where I could find a combination piece that merged a bow-tie and a collar together.

Assata Designs inspiration board for my custom piece

Arianna and I met and consulted on what my vision and expectations were for the piece.  I sent her my inspiration picture of what direction I wanted the piece to go and within a week we were sitting face-to-face having a design consultation.  She showed me the insirpation/mood board she'd created based off of our initial consult and I was floored.  This girl nailed it with the exact elements and the look and feel I was going for with my custom piece.  I had my new "Rocker Chic" collar & bow-tie custom piece in a week! It such a pleasure to not only work with such an attentive and speedy professional.  From start to finish it was such a seamless process.
My custom ASSATA Designs 'Rocker Chic' collar and bow-tie piece

Check it out! I'm wearing my new custom bow-tie to Emma Arnold & Amy Creyer's Topshop Event:

Designer Arianna Green & myself at the Topshop Event

If you are in the market for a great custom fashion accessory piece definitely don't pass this new emerging Chicago designer up! Contact her via twitter or email, you won't regret it. 

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