Monday, December 3, 2012

[Chicago Beauty Review] Sine Qua Non Hair Make-over!

Sine Qua Non, a premier hair & beauty salon have been styling Chicago for the last 19 years extended me the opportunity to come in and experience first hand just what makes them such a one-of-a-kind hair & beauty salon.

Naturally when I received the invitation I was a bit apprehensive.  So, if you don't already know I have really curly hair.  Let me say that again, I have really curly, wavy, frizzy, unmanageable hair.  I've had way too many nightmare hair encounters to count and because of this I've become a skeptic of trying out a new hairdresser.

Even though I've had such a horrible experience finding the right match it hasn't stopped me from being on the hunt for the perfect hairdresser to tame my wild mane.  Half a dozen mushroom shaped layers and botched trims in Chicago,  I can honestly say that I have found my hairdresser.  After much trial and error, I've identified key signs/questions to immediately look for when trying out a new hair dresser:

1. Does the hairdresser have the same hair texture as yours?
2. Do they share personal tips for hair management and/or routine?
3. Do they explain and walk you through each step of the plan that they have for your service?
4. Are you smiling at the end?

After so many hair disasters I was very pleased to have experienced just what made Sine Qua Non "an indispensable or essential ingredient".  I happily answered "Yes!" to all of my 4 questions.  And the best part of all of this is, I finally found my hairdresser!  Mischa is officially my Chicago curly hair expert and I can already foresee that we are going to become hair besties.

P.S. For all of my curly haired readers who struggle to find the right product and product regime to follow, I have been using Mischa's recommendations and I cannot live without them.  My hair still feels and looks as healthy as it did as when I left Sine Qua Non.  Bumble and bumble Bb Tonic Lotion & Bb Curl Conscious Defining Creme are literally 'water' for my curls.

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