Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Chicago Spotlight] Shannon Favia Original Artwork

One of the best finds at last month's Randolph Street Market was my discovery of Chicago based artist, Shannon Favia and her captivating and unique artwork.  The piece that initially caught my eye was the Nike Air Force One Sneaker painting (pictured below).  I quickly discovered that Shannon's predominant subjects were footwear (I mean, I totally get why don't you) and birds.  The really unique angle of her bird paintings is the 3-D element.  To round out her obvious fashion inspiration, Shannon re-purposes Levi Strauss denim as a 3-D effect for the birds.  The signature and iconic copper button is used as the bird's eye and then she utilizes obvious cut-outs of the denim (i.e. back pocket) within the body of the bird.

It's just pure genius for me that she takes such a simple and beautiful subject and re-defines the subject by adding a 3-D element and then further develops this additional element by utilizing an iconic and signature brand that just oozes Americana.

Check out my favorite pieces that Shannon showcased at the market and definitely don't miss out on an opportunity to snag one of her conversation inducing pieces to your pieces!

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