Thursday, July 5, 2012

[Chicago Fashion Event] A Week with Mark Shale: Summer Perfect Handbags!

With all of the different trends and fads out there for summer it's hard to decide which ones are actually worth taking a splurge on and which will end up just fading away in a mere few weeks.  The good news is that based off of the recent Resort 2013 shows (get caught up with my recap here) there are a number of current summer trends that will still be very relevant next spring.

For this A Week with Mark Shale post I've picked out my Top 4 handbags that will keep you on-trend this summer and on to next spring!

Graf & Lantz 

Sporty Satchel:

Hot Color of the Season-Blues!:
Massimo Palomba

Hints of Pop Neon:

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