Monday, June 25, 2012

[Personal Style] Spikes & Grey for Summer!

Summer has officially arrived and with that comes hotter temps, street festivals, and outdoor shopping.  Many of us naturally associate summer with bright vibrant colors and fun prints.  While I love my fair share of  vibrant jewel-tone colors and stunning prints, a large portion of my wardrobe is composed of greys, whites and blacks.  Because a neutral color palette comprises a large percentage of my wardrobe I like to infuse these tones in a fun and new way that are still trend right.  

During these warmer months the city of Chicago comes to life with multiple street festivals and outdoor shopping festival happening weekly.  My standard uniform for outdoor events is a comfy dress with chic and edgy accessories, and most importantly statement flats.  Just because color is a huge trend for the summer season, doesn't mean color always has to be the focal point of every summer ensemble.

Check out my comfy, edgy, chic ensemble that features spikes & greys: 

What I'm wearing: Tom Ford (sunnies); Monki shapeless dress; ASOS spiked belt; Sam Edelman Spiked Loafers; Vintage Giorgio Chain Bag.


  1. I love this belt! I have a question though. You and I have similar dimensions. I can't decide if I should order this belt in a large from the regular line or go for the ASOS Curve line. Which size did you end up purchasing? I think it will fit me perfectly if I get whichever you got! (Also, I use the USA sizes not the UK ones) :)

    1. Hi Nicole! My belt is a size large from the regular line. I wear a 10/12 if that helps with fit. I would definitely recommend snagging the belt because everything I wear it with people are always stopping me to ask me where I got my belt :) Thanks for stopping by!