Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chic Backpacks!

Photo Credit: Taken by Tommy Ton at Sydney Fashion Week

Backpacks are synonymous with going to school, carrying school books and the dreaded word of any adolescent: homework.  For many, myself included, the backpack I carried in grade school served a very different purpose in comparison to the backpack I carried in college.  This unique and extremely functional bag not only fulfills it's purpose of carrying all of your important "stuff" but it's also amazing for your shoulder because the weight distribution lessens the strain.

So why should we retire this bag just because we aren't in school anymore? Well here's the great news, we don't have too.  There are so many great silhouettes and shapes that are perfect to accommodate the more grown-up you.  Seems that even fashion week attendees appreciate their great functionality.  The above photo was the most memorable for me out of all of the different street style photos I seen from Sydney Fashion Week.  Since first seeing this photo back in May, I've seen so many more street style photos of smartly dressed folks wearing backpacks.

To help you get a  head start with this obvious trend, I've selected the following chic suggestions below:

Pictured above: 1. 3.1 Phillip Lim 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 3. Ally Capellino 4. Longchamp 5. Vintage Chanel 6. The Row

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