Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh RAD by Rad Hourani, how I love thee!

The perfect start to my day was receiving my weekly RAD by Rad Hourani email update.  I discovered wonderful news that not only is Rad Hourani designing a special and exclusive collection of 10 unisex pieces that will only be available at Joyce Boutique in Hong Kong but that he will be the first designer to showcase a unisex haute couture collection in the history of  Paris Haute Couture Week this July.

Seriously, where do I even begin.  It's no secret that I have become a huge fan of Rad Hourani since discovering him last year (see post here).  This exclusive collection only to be offered at Joyce, reflect a slick and energetic silhouette that celebrate the 5 years of unisex and design brilliance of Rad Hourani.  Continuing to build on this amazing unisex movement, Rad will be showcasing his exceptional craftsmanship through the fabric three-dimensionally, as an architectural origami canvas.  The unisex reversible and transformable pieces are handcrafted and made with meticulous precision and dedication to Rad's vision: Genderless, Seasonless, and Timeless.  These pieces are destined to be more than garments; a collector's item.

Okay, back to the exclusive collection that will only be available at Joyce Boutique in Hong Kong.

The following are the exclusive 10 unisex pieces that I am ecstatic to check out during my July trip to Hong Kong:

*Photo Credit: Rad Hourani

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