Monday, March 19, 2012

Vogue Italia's 'Haute Mess': Over the Top Fashion or Racist?

Vogue Italia, photographed by Steven Meisel & styled by Lori Goldstein

Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief, Franca Sozzani, has been catching alot of flack due to the spread they launched earlied this month "Haute Mess" (photographed by Steven Meisel & styled by Lori Goldstein).

The spread features a series of nearly unrecognizable A-list models sporting outrageous outfits, elaborate hair weaves, drawn on eye-brows, and mouths full of gold teeth, while pushing baby strollers, sporting mini-backpacks, and making the infamous fish faces for their bejeweled bling'd out iPhones.

Many are calling the fashion spread as blatant racism, while the site has claimed it was "messy drag queens".  The ironic thing is that when deliberately asked if Sozzani felt herself that the images were racist, all she replied was, "A racist image, I really do not understand.  I went through the pages so many times... They don't know what it means to work at a magazine.  That is it."

Check out some of the images from the "Haute Mess" spread (see below).  What are your thoughts: over the top Fashion Art that pushes the boundaries to the point of making it though provoking or is it just blatant racism? You decide...

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