Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Lazy Sunday in Hong Kong in Photos...

I've been inspired to document one of my Sundays because of a great blog post I'd seen by one my Chicago blogger buddies, Tabitha Green.  At first I wondered if my Sundays were really interesting enough to document and then thought of the bigger picture: shaping and defining who Chi-Style Maven is.  Through a number of different blog posts you've only gotten hints and glimpses into my world & have been exposed to some of my passions. 

Now, I want to take this opportunity and invite you to experience a "Lazy Sunday" with me in Hong Kong, enjoy!

Sunday, March 25th:

8:30am: Good Morning! First thing I do every morning is check my social networks (Twitter & Facebook) and email.  As you can see, being on a plane for 15hrs yesterday travelling coupled with jet-lag I had a lot to catch up on.

9:45am: Time to head down for breakfast & also a great time to catch up on current events happening here in Hong Kong, China.  I was a little bummed at first that I had missed the Rugby Sevens tourny that was out here in Hong Kong, but then heard news that the Tonga Rugby team had a pretty major loss quickly cured me of feeling down about missing the game.

12 (noon): Breakfast/brunch is now over and now on to my favorite activity in Hong Kong: Shopping! (Let's just be honest it's my favorite activity no matter what continent I'm on)  What I see as an amazing coincidence (but ask my husband and he might have a different opinion) is the fact that my hotel is connected to one of Hong Kong's largest shopping malls. Total score right? My first stop always at the mall is H&M.

1:00pm: My next stop is Monki. This shop only has locations in Hong Kong & the UK.  So exclusivity plus unique pieces puts this on my 'must visit' list. I'm always able to snag unique pieces that are fashion forward exude the Hong Kong style aesthetic of drapey silhouettes & daring prints.

2:00pm: Blog Time! On the weekend it's my time to actually focus and plan out my blogging creative calendar for the week.  Like most bloggers I have a "9 to 5" M-F, so my only real time to blog are in the evenings during the week.  So when the weekend hits, it's blogging time.

3:00pm: Time to get a work-out in and feel the burn! I'm training right now for the United Run for the Zoo 10K race this June.  I've done this race now for the last 3 years and have used it as my training prep for the upcoming warm weather season (although with the recent Chicago heatwave I'm a little late in getting swimsuit ready for the beach).

5:00pm: It's a gorgeous day in Hong Kong, so why not have drinks outside.  After an amazing work-out nothing sounded better than enjoying a refreshing cocktail at the outdoor bar of my hotel. P.S. How insanely high-tech & green is Hong Kong? That menu is an iPad and it's not an uncommon practice to go to a restaurant/bar and recieve it as the menu.

6:30pm: I always love the busy streets of Hong Kong.  So much vibrant life & energy! Decided to go to dinner outside of the hotel just to take a stroll outside and get a buzz of energy from these electric streets.

 7:30pm: Dinner time! One of my favorite things to get here in Hong Kong is fresh seafood and what better way to kick of my fresh seafood love affair but with sushi! I ate at Tokoro-Robatayaki & Whisky Bar & loved it's quarky modern theatre style seating.  Don't know if I will go back again, but I will say that I was happy I at least tried it.

 10:00pm: Time for bed!  Today was the best day because I took full advantage of the opportunity to make this a "me" day and it was a total success. Everyone needs a Lazy Sunday and I'm happy that I was able to have one in Hong Kong.

What did you think of my Sunday? How did your Sunday stack up? Hopefully you enjoyed taking a peek into my life and enjoying this "Lazy Sunday" with me!

Chi-Style Maven xo ;)

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  1. Glad you had fun with this project - your Sunday was much more fun than mine. The fact that you were in Hong Kong makes it so much more exciting.