Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spruce up your Office Attire with Spring's Latest Trends!

1920's Inspired Dress: Diane von Furstenberg as seen on Net-a-porter

Recently I have been getting a lot of fashion/styling questions about how to incorporate the latest trends into a more professional work-place setting.  For many, formal office or business attire is typically associated with the classic suit silhouette that is comprised of a trouser pant, simple blazer and a blouse.
There have been so many changes to what is now recognized as "Office Attire" over the years, that many have forgotten that to look professional and well put together does not have to equate dressing in a power suit.  For this Spring/Summer season incorporate these great concepts that are influenced from the great fashion eras of the 1920’s & 1960’s and very on trend for this Spring & Summer 2012 season:

• The 1920's have been romanticized and are often thought of as a time for glamorous Flapper dresses. There are key features of a Flapper dress that can be incorporated into the working wardrobe. For example head bands will be very in. These headbands will be more 1920's Flapper influenced. Thick headbands that are solid colored or beaded are good examples. Beads and fringe will become more popular. Beads can be used in long strings to accentuate outfits. Fringe can be used on skirts, blouses, or even jackets to bring a 1920's look to the garb. Look for low waist lines on dresses, to bring the classic 1920's look into the workplace.

• The 1960's is thought of as a more playful and swinging era. It is also portrayed as a very colorful era. Don’t be afraid of color! Spring & Summer are all about vibrant & bright jewel tone colors. Incorporate this trend with a bright cerelean blue blouse or candy apple green scarf.  Abstract geometric patterns can accentuate a dress. Lace can dress up any outfit and bring a 1960's feel to the office. Peter pan collars can be used more often. Full circle skirts or pencil skirts will be reintroduced as options. Low riding belts will also be more acceptable in the fashion world.

• For those who want a pair of 1960's pants, try a high waist cropped pants to be in style. Bulky more masculine looking shoes will also be more in style. Maybe look for penny loafers to pull off the bulky shoe look. Swing coats and capes will be introduced during the colder fall and winter months. These fashions will be great during the summer and fall months because of their more vibrant coloring schemes. However, neutral tones can also pull off these fashions.

Depending on your workplace clothing standards, only some of these recommendations may work for you. As a general rule, try to stay away from extremely short skirts or plunging necklines. Each work place is different. But, always adhere to your employment dress code. Purses and bags are not off limits. If your workplace is very strict on dress code, try to stick with accessory use. For example use a fancy & fun handbag in order to accentuate your style. You can use any of the concepts mentioned to stay fashionable, even if limited to your handbag.

It may be fun to jump back and forth between eras to keep your wardrobe from becoming stunted. Always remember to have fun and keep your own personal style incorporated into your look!

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