Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Chicago Beauty] Nail Art, Get in the Know!

Looking for a unique and different way to spice up your look? For many, the additional touch or flair that immediately comes to mind is a new fashion accessory or jewelry.  Here’s a hint for a definite unique and personal flair that absolutely no one else will have: Nail Art.  Nail Art is defined by Wikipedia as, “a creative activity that draws pictures or designs on the fingernails-it is a type of art”.  This is a definite understatement.  The world that is Nail Art is full of free expression, uninhibited creativity mixed with endless possibilities.

Because I know that many of you are like me and believe that fashion and style is a very personal reflection of one’s personality, I don’t believe in the “cookie-cutter” anything.  Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to meet one of Chicago’s premier Nail Artist, Ashely Crowe aka AstroWifey.  My appointment started out with a consultation to assess what I was interested in.  Ashley took the time to find out what designs caught my eye, what creative details spoke to me, and overall what my personality & style consisted of in order to personalize and create Nail Art specifically for me.

While watching Ashley pimp out my nails I learned so much about this amazing young artist.  Only 22, she’s had her amazing works of art featured in a number of marketing campaigns, participated in stand-out fashion events all throughout the city (i.e. Topshop Olivia Palermo Event) and is now going to be featured in a Nail Art documentary alongside the icon Sophy Ronson.

Don’t snooze on AstroWifey Chicago!  In the meantime check out my AMAZEing nail art that I call “Tribal meets Rocker Chic”:

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