Saturday, October 1, 2011

[NYFW Recap] Rochambeau Spring 2012 Collection

Rochambeau Spring 2012 collection plays with a bond of freedom and construction, I found asymmetrical cuts and classic tailoring on the blazers execution. Designers, Laurence & Joshua wanted to add an effortless touch to something that already was known as emblematic pieces, but as classic as the vests, blazers and flare mid-waist pants are; the impressive details like leather lapel accents on the blazers or the elongated silhouettes added the urban vibe concept to what everybody thought was classic, seems like a thoughtful deconstruction by revealing something and conducting it to another aesthetic.
The blazers and other tailored pieces included details that emphasize and highlight the construction. The leather necks or the strong contouring form in one of the blazers that comes with black rectangular fabric frame at the bottom and then; the non-frame portion of the neck line is a curvy linear line, adding a sense of geometry and complexity. Other more loosen pieces played a juxtaposition with the architectural precise-execution of the pieces, the long sheer sleeved tops with a slight cut at the crew neck, portrayed men not afraid of suggesting without being vulgar or over the top, the softness of the fabrics balance it so well, that it feels more effortless than rather falling into a tacky statement. In addition, the color palette creates a disperse fusion of greys, deep noir and navys, building a path of consistency between all the looks; the hues also reflected the silence from all the “invisible-colorful experiences” from block by block of the big city.

The designers perspective for their Spring 2012 collection was showed in a short film named "Paralymbic" by Hugh Lippe, who quoted;

The goal was to create something real, something I can believe in, something I feel I could touch, smell, or hear. Narrative?, imagination, observation. The narrative exits in the ever spinning whirl wind of that chaos passing by. Fashion, here is a short about fashion, fashion in the city, New York City“.

Photo Credit: Daisy Medina of Velvet Dreams

Rochambeau Spring 2012 Collection


  1. Love it. I amazed by the white sheer shirt and this leather gilet. :) Add me on Google friend connect? x x x

  2. That white top was definitely one of my fav pieces too! If I could figure out Google connect better then I would lol :) Thanks again for checking out my blog!