Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Chicago Fashion Event] Anna Fong SP/SU 2012 Collection: 'A Mayan Tale'

Anna’s collection: A Mayan Tale pulls inspiration from her recent trip to Central America, where she re re-discovered her Guatemalan heritage. The collection was full of rich, colorful hand-wovent fabrics vibrant in hue and oozing modern femininity yet remaining timeless and classic.  Anna Fong is known for blending vintage, historical fashion with chic, updated wears and then adding ethnic touches.

Aside from Anna's amazing collection, we were taken on a journey to the Mayan Jungle with a heart thumping and rythmic performance by dancers in full head to toe traditional Mayan regalia-beautiful feathered head pieces, face paint and lush vibrant costumes. 

Job well done Anna!  It was definitely the perfect closing to Fashion Focus Chicago 2011, a full week of celebrating fashion creations from local designers.

A Mayan Tale: Anna Fong SP/SU 12

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