Monday, April 1, 2013

Sheila Johnson Spring 2013 Collection: Contes- An Account of a Woman's Journey!

Pictured Above: Rwanda Woman/Mezi Kafe/Crimson
*Photo Credit: Shelia Johnson Collection

When I first started CSM I discovered that there were so many different facets of fashion that I could cover on my blog platform.  In trying to sort out what areas were pertinent to defining who CSM was I looked to myself.  I am a Tongan American female who has been influenced by fashion through the eyes of my strong, stylish, yet traditional Tongan mother who adored the fashions of her cultural heritage but also embraced the fashions of the west.  With this I decided to hone in on a few specific areas of the industry that speak directly to not only my love of fashion and style but also to the impact that it has on cultures world wide.

Designer Sheila Johnson's latest scarf collection for Spring 2013, 'Contes-An Account of a Woman's Journey' showcases this amazing woman's voyage through Haiti, Rwanda and Uganda.  The collection features Johnson's own photographs digitally printed onto her beautiful scarves comprised of 100% modal fabric.  These unique and beautifully handcrafted scarves are not the only treasure, in fact a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Johnson's Spring 2013 Collection will be donated to The Haiti Artisan Project.  This is a division of Donna Karan's Urban Zen Foundation, a charity dedicated to preserving cultures in the face of globalization.

Check out Sheila Johnson's entire Spring 2013 'Contes-An Account of a Woman's Journey' here:

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