Thursday, February 28, 2013

[LFW] Rhianna's Fall/Winter 2013 collaboration with River Island!

Singer Rhianna presented her collaboration with clothing label River Island a little over a week ago.  When I initially seen images of her collection a number of thoughts and questions crossed my mind but before writing a review assessing my opinion on whether this endeavor was a success or flop I needed to take a few days to actually really think about it.

Well, the jury is still out.  The clear inspiration for the collection is RiRi herself.  She's definitely channeled her current style of mixing nineties grunge with a racy edge.  The only clear group I see being extremely excited and flocking in herds to snag a piece from this collection are RiRi's fans.  This collection is the perfect vehicle for them to emulate her unconventional and carefree style.

*Photo Credit: Telegraph UK

And on that note, check out looks from Rhianna's Fall/Winter 2013 collection for River Island and see if you agree or disagree with me:

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