Saturday, January 26, 2013

[Pasifika Fashion Series] SOSS Nails: Providing Nail Crack for Nail Head Enthusiasts!

In case you have been sheltered and or living on a remote island with no access to the internet you know from my previous post (here) that your manicure is just as important of a fashion accessory as your choice of footwear.

There are quite a number of nail artists blazing the trail of transforming and re-defining this new industry, but one in particular is creating a truly unique niche that I couldn't help but take notice.  Meet Soileti Hoko, the talented young Tongan woman behind the trailblazing company SOSS Nails.  As an art lover since birth the inspiration to take that love to the unconventional canvas of nails happened in 2010 and she hasn't turned back since.  Soi's infectious excitement and love for her craft are so evident that it is no surprise that this is what has continued to fuel her drive and continued aspiration to be one of the forefront entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

As one of the many who worship at the altar of nail art, it is such a rush to discover the many new and constant innovations that are showcased on a daily basis.  Soi's creation of a custom hand painted nail set is pure genius.  As if there were a possibility that this remarkable talent could be any more amazing, she wows with these custom hand painted nail sets.  If you are in Salt Lake City, UT don't sleep on this young lady.  Get in now and get SOSS'd! (contact her here)

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