Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally, Queen Bey's Wedding Dress is Revealed!

Beyonce in her dress!
Beyonce got hitched to Jay-Z three years ago, but we never saw the bridal gown money shot, because she likes to keep her private life, funny enough, private.  This should make her an annoyance to the Gwenyth "I don't do public appearances with my husband" Paltrow crowd, but doesn't, because she's Queen Bey and she is awesome.  Especially when she dedicates her latest video to her fans and decides, after all, to give them a peek of her wedding gown.
SJP playing Carrie Bradshaw in the movie, Sex and the City

The video for her live performance of I Was There, released last week, contains a montage of important moments in her life: belting tunes at the Obama inauguration, collecting a lot of Grammys, hobnobbing with Michael Jackson--and getting married.  The clip length is super short, but long enough to give us a good look at the dress: a strapless, deep sweetheart neckline, with an amazingly long-train affair.  It looks uncanningly similar to the Vivienne Westwood gown that Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, wore in the first Sex and the City movie; maybe Mama Knowles drew inspiration from that momentous gown? You guessed it, Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mother was the designer who had the privilege of creating this significant gown in Queen Bey's life.

Wonder what amazing head piece she wore with this gown.  Maybe another feather fascinator concoction similar to SJP's?

 I Was Here, by Beyonce (Live at Roseland Video):

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