Saturday, May 21, 2011

Queen B goes on a Fashion Rampage!

The song might be called "Run the world (girls)" but, in sartorial terms, it's a fashion marathon. Beyoncé's new music video, which was released this week, clocks up a number of luxury outfits selected from couture and mainline collections from the passed four seasons - a veritable feast of labels that would make even Lady Gaga blush.

Given the paces they are put through and the delicacy of the designs, how the garments make it through to the end of the five minute tour de force is anyone's guess. Lion-taming in a red Alexander McQueen autumn/winter 2010 printed mini and thigh-high heels, and walking snarling hyenas in a cream Givenchy spring/summer 2011 couture gown are just two of the tasks at Beyoncé's hand. Meanwhile, fires from exploding cars lick the back of a metallic Gareth Pugh autumn/winter 2011 minidress, and hoses soak a Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture tailcoat - and that's before Beyoncé has even started dancing.

Known for her supersonic moves Queen B puts a black Norma Kamali fringed jacket and two Emilio Pucci gowns from the spring/summer 2010 and autumn/winter 2011 collections to the test, throwing shapes so fast and furious I'd be surprised if there weren't burn marks on the fabric, post-routine.

In total, Queen B managed to squeeze no less than seven designer outfits into her new music video.  Not a huge fan of the song, but I'm defintely 100% a fan of those ensembles!

Cleopatraesque Crown
Alexander McQueen AU/WI 2010
Alexander McQueen AU/WI 2010 Gown/Thigh High Boots
Norma Kamali Body Suit
Norma Kamali Fringed Shorts
Queen B loves Chokers too! She even takes it to the next level with this Gold Choker & Belt Combo!
Givenchy SP/SU 2011 Haute Couture Bird Gown
Gareth Pugh Dress with Mirrored Booties
Gareth Pugh Mirrored Booties-WANT THEM!!

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Gown

Gold Pucci SP/SU 2011

Green Pucci SP/SU 2011

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